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A Small Thing

I’m tucked into my bedroom/craft room/temporary office trying to be extra quiet. Just downstairs my husband is conducting a virtual conference with 200 attendees. It would not be a good time for me to watch TV, empty the dishwasher, or play music. So, I am quiet. It’s a small thing but important.

Author: Linda Soller | Jun 15, 2020

A Different Disease

We have been struggling relatively briefly with a pandemic, but much longer with a different disease. What disease you ask? First, here is a definition of the word disease. “A disease is a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.” Now, what do you think I am talking about?

Author: Linda Soller | Jun 08, 2020

A Fine Line

It has been my experience that the line between excited anticipation and fear is a fine line. I don’t know about you, but that line is where I am standing today

Author: Linda Soller | Jun 01, 2020

Did You See That?

Inspiration is Contagious series installment #4. Did you see that rainbow the other day? Oh, man you really missed something special. We can’t see everything, but maybe we need to direct our focus in a more positive direction.

Author: Linda Soller | May 25, 2020

Stronger Together

Inspiration is Contagious series installment #3. We are stronger together. You wouldn’t play baseball all by yourself against a team. Think of how silly you would look pitching then running to catch the ball, then throwing it to no one to try to get the runner out at third, you get the picture. A team is stronger.

Author: Linda Soller | May 18, 2020

You Are Essential

Inspiration is Contagious series installment #2. You truly are essential. Okay, so you may not have a job that the government felt had to continue during our stay at home efforts. But you are essential. Maybe you are glad you didn’t have to go into work, or maybe you are unhappy that you did. But you are essential.

Author: Linda Soller | May 11, 2020