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All Those Walls

Linda Soller | Feb 22, 2021

We humans have certainly mastered the art of walls. Walls around countries, around castles, around neighborhoods, and property. We have walls to make homes and offices, and walls to break those big spaces into smaller spaces we call rooms. We put up walls to keep us in and walls to keep others out. We debate walls, fund walls, take down walls, and rebuild walls. Even poets, like Robert Frost consider walls (his poem is called Mending Wall). Yes, we humans are good at walls. We are truly fascinated with walls. We have gotten so good at walls that we are able to wall in our thoughts and emotions and wall out the needs and feelings of others. But there’s an intriguing trend about these days! People are taking down walls that divide their living spaces! People are sharing their most personal selves for all the world to see and hear!  People are asking what’s up with all those walls? 


It appears to this observer that we humans have discovered a need to be part of something bigger than our own private walled in worlds. Could the answer be in something as simple as removing a wall?  Can we make a shared space in a house so we can be together? Can we learn to trust each other not to step over a line without placing a wall on it?  Is it even possible to share our thoughts and feelings while appreciating the differences and the needs of others? Could we even go so far as to let God work in our lives without putting up a wall?  It’s minding blowing and at the same time exciting to consider the possibilities!  But it does make you wonder, what will become of all those walls?


Have a great week! :o)